All HCAW members are eligible to serve on HCAW Committees. HCAW Committee work is an excellent way to network and learn with fellow members, AND give back to the HCAW and home care community. To learn more details about specific committees HCAW members can visit the page in the “About Us” Section.


Participation Is Easy!

· No travel or cost – all meetings are via free teleconference line

· Most committees meet monthly for approximately one hour discussions. Calls are on a set day/time schedule, so you can always plan accordingly.

· Participation in every call is encouraged, but not required – HCAW understands that personal and professional conflicts will occur. For your convenience, minutes are distributed after each call to keep you in the loop on discussions and plans.


Your Participation Helps HCAW and the Industry!

Committee work is the vehicle for HCAW to carry out its mission. Some of HCAW’s most valuable initiatives – including Chronic Care Management, Policy development, education, and the annual meetings, are the product of committee work.

Your Participation Helps YOU!

Committee members benefit from the opportunity to network with peers and colleagues via monthly conference calls and cooperative projects. Through their involvement, committee members learn about new resources and gain new insights that they can apply to their positions.


Committee List:

· Education & Conference Planning: Help us plan and implement education that serves all HCAW member agencies and their staff at every level.

· Policy Development and Advocacy: Develop HCAW’s 2013 legislative agenda and action plan for state and federal issues, and participate in monitoring and discussing legislative and regulatory proposals during Legislative Session and beyond.

· Accountable Communities of Health (ACH): member task force that represents the In Home Services industry in the regional ACH meetings; representatives share information with each other to identify opportunities for integration of home health in healthcare planning efforts at the regional level.


You can participate in more than one committee as meetings are not held at the same time. To sign up, e-mail your committee(s) of choice to info@hcaw.org

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